NYTimes’ “Wordle” Sweeps the Nation


Charlotte Pollack, Feature Editor

A different five letter word everyday. The New York Times bought the popular game “Wordle.” Each day, players are challenged to guess the word of the day. Given six guesses, players must find correct letters and letter placements in an attempt to figure out the word before reaching the last row.


“Wordle” has people of all ages making their way to the website daily to challenge their brains. This word game has sparked competitive behavior throughout Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. It seems students and teachers cannot go a day without discussing their performance or the struggles they endured on the puzzle.


“Wordle” also has a feature that allows its players to share their performance for the day without spoiling the word for others. 


Old and young, everyone can find joy in a simple game of Wordle. However, some players claim the New York Times has made “Wordle” more difficult. Whether or not this theory is true, the puzzle has large numbers of people coming back day after day to keep their win streak alive.


“Every morning I think I’ll get it on the first try and I never do,” senior Elizabeth Parvin said. 


“Wordle” provides a way for internet users to exercise their brain while engaging in a simple puzzle daily.


“It’s a good way to challenge your knowledge and it’s something to talk about after you’ve done it,” sophomore Grace Sweeney said.