Fighting cancer one candle at a time: SMAC hosts second annual candle fundraiser

Jordynn Blackwell, Managing Director

Starting on Feb. 14, The Student Movement Against Cancer is holding its second annual candle drive.


Advisor Ashleigh Boyce and the members of SMAC are collaborating with The American Cancer Society to sell candles with a portion of the proceeds going to the organization, reinforcing its mission to fight cancer. 


“Our Own Candle Company is the company that teamed up with American Cancer Society,” Boyce told The Fanscotian. “What they do is they have us kind of fundraise candles with all different scents so we can sell all different ways. They only take the profit for what they’re actually paying for and then the rest of the proceeds, the rest that we kind of sell, goes to the American Cancer Society.” 


With over 200 members, SMAC makes it their mission to involve the community through fundraisers and events such as this. Their goal is simple but influential: to create cancer awareness with a strong community.


“Obviously, [students can come attend] our meetings, they can get involved in some of the stuff around town like fundraisers at a restaurant, Jam Kancer in the Kan, or our pink walk we do every October. That’s the best way to get involved, to show your face and build that community.”