Everything You Missed in the Latest Episode of Euphoria


Caitlin Maughan, Opinion Editor

Spoiler warning.


Who knew a Jolly Rancher could be so symbolic? 


Episode six of season two of Euphoria begins with Rue struggling to unwrap a Jolly Rancher as her arms shake. The series has been criticized for its glorification of drugs in past episodes. However, in episode six, we see Rue and her family deal with the terrible symptoms of withdrawal and the fallout of Rue’s words and actions in episode five. Eventually, after apologizing to Ali, Rue eats the Jolly Rancher. 


Later in the episode, Ali cooks dinner for Rue and her family. There is a lot of laughter, a wholesome break from the usual toxicity of the show. Ali also discusses how challenging the road to recovery will be for the three of them, but he reminds Rue that it is up to her to find hope.


On another upbeat note, Lexi and Fez finally get the screen time that fans have been begging for. Lexi confides in Fez about the play she is writing and directing; the two sing along to a movie and hold hands. Unfortunately, just outside, Faye uncovers a plot to expose Fez and Ashtray as drug dealers. Fans can’t wait to find out, will she warn Fez or not?    


Throughout this episode, Cassie maintains her innocence but feels alone and universally hated. Maddy ignores Nate’s many phone calls. Plus, Kat breaks up with Ethan. In one of the funniest scenes of the season, Kat informs Ethan that she has a terminal brain illness. Her lousy attempt to gaslight him is almost comical.     


Meanwhile, in a strange conversation with his mother, Nate realizes how much of a disappointment he is to his family. So, he decides to step into his role as the “man of the house” and clean up some loose ends. First, he surprises Maddy by sneaking into her room with a loaded gun. He plays Russian Roulette until she gives him the video of Cal and Jules; Maddy is traumatized and unable to forgive him. Next, much to my surprise, Nate returns the video to Jules. Last but not least, he picks up Cassie and moves her into his home.


Unsurprisingly, the episode ends on a despairing note. We hear Rue’s mother on the phone, pleading for someone to admit Rue into rehab.