Miss The Latest Euphoria?: Don’t Worry We’ve Got You Covered!


Jada Montgomery, Managing Director

The world of “Euphoria” has gotten even crazier these past few weeks. Here’s a rundown of the latest episodes. 

Spoilers ahead!

As viewers we saw a few major characters reach their breaking points in these past episodes. That being Cal, Cassie and Rue for episodes 3,4, and 5 respectively. It was a lot of breaking down the show to the audience and showing almost  everyone at their lowest point. 

— Maya Viscardi-Carelse, Junior

Episode 3: 

We opened with a heart-wrenching backstory on one of “Euphoria’s” most hated characters. .While his lost love in the past was unfortunate, it is no excuse for his present actions towards almost all of the characters. Cassie reaches a new low as she adopts an insane beauty routine just for a shabby glance from Nate in the hallways. All the while, she continues to hide her relationship with Nate (Maddy’s ex) from her best friend, Maddy. Jules begins to warm up to Elliot as a new trio seems to be forming. 


Episode 4: 

This episode starts off with a visual nod to failed romance, as Rue and Jules recreate famous pictures and scenes from the media: “Brokeback Mountain,” John Lennon and Yoko Ono and Jack and Rose. The once “trio” seems more of a duo, as Jules and Elliot become closer, resulting in Jules cheating on Rue with Elliot. Cal Jacobs goes completely off the rails as he visits a place from his past. The other notorious Jacobs, Nate, reaches a  breaking point with Cassie  in their “relationship,” with a major argument. It seems there is a possibility of Nate and Maddy becoming an item once again. Speaking of Maddy, the Howard house holds a birthday party for her. This quickly ends in disaster as Nate crashes in and arguments begin. 

Episode Five was very emotional to watch. It was really hard to see the negative side of drug addiction. This episode really proved that addiction is a disease and between drugs and the people you care about, there’s really only one choice and it’s really sad to watch Rue tear through all of her relationships.

— Katie Ramalho, Junior

Episode 5: 

In this episode, Zendaya (Rue Bennett) gives an Emmy-worthy performance. The storyline is all about Rue. She hits  a new low with her addiction as she physically and emotionally pushes everyone away. She eventually goes on a wild goose chase for a few reasons. For one, to find the money to pay her dues to Laurie, to avoid rehab and lastly to find something that she thinks will lessen her withdrawal symptoms. This episode truly seems to give insight on the physical,emotional and psychosocial ruin addiction has on a person.