A new addition to SPF: The Non-Fiction Book Club


Photo courtesy of Diti Nainwal

Julian Meinke holds up a flyer for the Non-Fiction Book Club. This club was recently added to SPFHS.

Keira Baerson, Staff Writer

On Feb. 8, the Non-Fiction Book Club will hold an interest meeting for those looking to join the new club. They plan to meet every two weeks for the remainder of the school year. 


Sophomores Diti Nainwal, Ben Nathan and Julian Meinke are responsible for the creation of this club, along with the advisor, Kyle Townsend. They believe that it will be a great way to bring students together through reading. 


“I think [non-fiction books] are more applicable to life and easier to read and follow [than fiction books],” Nainwal told The Fanscotian


Nainwal hopes that non-fiction reading will provoke important discussions that are often not self-initiated. 


Although the club doesn’t have a set book list (yet), they are planning to read novels that pertain to black history month and black-representation. Economical reads are also something that this club is looking forward to. 


“[The] Non-Fiction Book Club is a great way for me to diversify my reading,” sophomore Emily Park said. “I typically steer away from nonfiction, but I hope this club will expand my interests.” 


Once the club hits the ground running, they plan to start by discussing main ideas from their first read. Nainwal mentioned a discussion question, which will guide debate for a universal theme in the book. 


In order to promote the Non-Fiction Book Club, Nainwal, Nathan and Meinke are talking to friends, putting up posters and making announcements in the morning. 


“[The club] will foster more of an interest in books that are stigmatized to be uninteresting,” Nainwal said.