Catherine Phelps Joins the SPF Counseling Department


Camryn Evans and Grayce Mattos

When former counselor Luke Kostu at SPFHS retired, the school was in need of a new counselor. Luckily, Catherine Phelps stepped up to the plate.


“I knew that I wanted to work closer to home because I have two little kids at home now,” Phelps said. “I saw the opening for this and I always heard wonderful things about this district.” 


Phelps had been a counselor at Holmdel High School for nine years before working at SPFHS. 


“I was nervous because you know, I worked in one place for so long for nine years,” Phelps said. “I was so used to how everything worked; it was all automatic. And so I was nervous, but I’m really glad to be here.”