A Fantastic Win For The SPF Hockey Team

Dylan Klein, Graphics Editor

With a final score of 4-1, the raiders hockey team had an extraordinary and successful senior night. 


In an interview with The Fanscotian, Alexis Martins, a current senior on the SPFHS hockey team discussed the success within her team along with her bittersweet ending for her season. 


Q: What was your favorite part of the night?


Alexis Martins: My favorite part of the night would have to be the senior ceremony. As sappy as it may sound, skating out to give flowers and a hug to the ones who invested so much so I can play a sport I’ve always loved, was really heartwarming. 


Q: Was there anything that went particularly well, something that really stood out to you?


AM: None of us seniors fell when skating up to our parents so I’d call that a success, since that’s all we talked about on our way to the rink. We were even talking about the different ways we could play off our falls if that were to happen.


Q:  How do you feel about your win?


AM: It always feels good to win, especially when it’s a division game on senior night. Having an assist during a pretty important game made the win feel a little more special as well.


Q:  What are your next steps for you and your team?


AM: With the end of the season being right around the corner, our team’s focus is winning the McMullen cup and I’m pretty confident that this is the group that can do it.


Q: How do you feel now that senior night is over?


AM: I feel pretty bittersweet since it indicates the season coming to an end soon, but I’m extremely grateful for all the joy playing with this team has brought me.


Q: When does your season end? Will there be anything after? 


AM: It ends late February but can go a little into March depending on how we do in states. In terms of our team’s next steps, we’re looking for a division win. Since our future is looking pretty bright with an estimated 11 freshmen coming in next year, it would be nice to leave them with a spot in a higher division with better competition.


Q: Overall what was your favorite part of the season? Any special moments?


AM: It’s genuinely so difficult to pick a favorite part of the season since this team brings so much energy everywhere they go. Between pushing each other into leaf piles during our off-campus runs, the crazy bus rides, all the team bonding outside of practices, and every time we’re on the ice. There’s always something new, and I’m extremely grateful to call them my team.