Hunger Heroes: Targeting Local Food Scarcity


Anthony Malta, News Editor

When one thinks of food scarcity, they probably think of it on a global scale. However, this issue exists in Scotch Plains-Fanwood and its surrounding communities. 


Started by junior Samantha Klausner during last year’s virtual learning and advised by science teacher Lauren DeNicola, Hunger Heroes is a club designed to combat local food scarcity through increasing awareness and engaging in activities for aid. 


Club meetings usually focus on brainstorming strategies to complete the club’s goals and reflecting on past food drives. Meetings are very open and allow members to pitch ideas or collaborate with fellow students. 


Hunger Heroes has taken off during the 2021-22 school year and continues to provide food to those who need it. 


“[Hunger Heroes] is a space to share ideas and contribute in ways that work best for the individual. We don’t put pressure on anybody that ‘you must donate this’ or ‘raise this much money,” DeNicola said. “It really is a club about helping others and it’s a passionate club, something that [students] feel very strongly about.”