New English teacher Kyle Townsend unplugged: his experience coming to SPF halfway through the year


Photo courtesy of Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend sits holding his newborn baby. Townsend is a new teacher in the English department at SPFHS.

Keira Baerson, Staff Writer

Kyle Townsend’s desire to be an English teacher not only stemmed from his love for reading and language, but the disapproval of his own sophomore English teacher. 


To this day, Townsend recalls the quizzes made off sparknotes, unfair grades and her aspiration to be a realtor, rather than a teacher. 


Unlike his former teacher, Townsend takes pride in his work and believes that the most exciting part of English is getting to analyze and talk about everything. 


“I really believe that helping people better communicate and articulate their ideas is beneficial for everyone,” Townsend told The Fanscotian


After graduating undergraduate from Syracuse University, Townsend worked for a test prep company that taught SAT classes. 


When Townsend got his master’s degree in teaching, he taught in Springfield for eight years. There, he ran the gifted and talented program and he worked with sixth through 12th-graders. 


“I got to teach a wide range of students at a wide range of levels,” Townsend said. 


Before coming to SPF, Townsend also worked at an education services company. They were able to help with literacy intervention—students who struggled with reading and writing. 


“I’m really excited to be here because the culture of this high school is very different from others I’ve taught in,” Townsend said. “I don’t know if the students feel it, but it’s very comfortable and flexible.”  


Replacing a teacher halfway through the year is not an easy task and Townsend highlighted how fantastic the administration has been. They heavily contributed to his smooth transition, even though they often partake in behind-the-scenes work. 

Making sure that students feel comfortable and supported is super important to me, so I have been trying to make sure that everyone feels that way.

— Kyle Townsend

Townsend also acknowledges that getting a new teacher halfway through the year can be an adjustment for students of all grade levels. Change can be disruptive, but Townsend has done an excellent job to ensure that all of his students stay on track. 


“I’ve wanted to be consistent and fair for all of [the students],” Townsend said. “But, I might have different views [compared to] the previous teacher. So I have to decide how grading should work and how things can be fair but also reasonable.” 


Townsend has taken the time to ask students what they want to continue doing in the classroom. He is open to new ideas and appreciates the input from others. 


“Making sure that students feel comfortable and supported is super important to me, so I have been trying to make sure that everyone feels that way,” Townsend said.