Season Two of Euphoria: Episode Two Rundown (Spoiler Alert!)

Caitlin Maughan, Opinion Editor

As season two of “Euphoria” progresses, the main characters have already demonstrated that they have learned nothing since season one.  


Episode two of this season starts with Nate being rushed to the hospital. As he lies unconscious in a hospital bed, he hallucinates a disturbing montage that highlights the differences between Maddy and Cassie. He also fantasizes about the perfect, picket-fence-American-Dream life he could have with Cassie. Although he tries to end things with her, the two find it impossible to stay away from one another. 


Meanwhile, Cassie continues to grapple with the guilt of lying to her best friend and becomes depressed. When Cal asks her who nearly beat Nate to death, Cassie snitches on Fez in order to protect her own secret. This infuriates fans and Lexi who has a budding romance with the guilty party. 


In this episode, Lexi and Fez share only a few words. Lexi, dolled up in red lipstick, rides her bike down to his store. She meets Faye and assumes she is dating Fez. However, Fez is undoubtedly eager to talk to Lexi and fans wish the pair had more screen time. 


Across town, Rue and Elliot are growing closer; Rue even opens up about her father’s death. But every rose has its thorns; Elliot admits that they bring out the worst in each other. Rue doesn’t seem to mind, as she cancels dinner with Jules to engage in illicit activities with Elliot.        


Other highlights of the episode include a tense and chilling interaction between Fez and Cal that is largely anticlimactic. Additionally, we learn that Maddy is working as a babysitter. An inappropriate interaction with her employer leads fans to believe that Maddy will have an affair with the older woman in the near future. Last but not least, Kat is dissatisfied in her relationship with the seemingly flawless Ethan.   


Many crazy fan theories have circled the internet in recent days as people anxiously await the rest of the season. Is Ashtray Nate’s brother? Will Lexi start dealing drugs? Is this show leading up to Rue’s death? Is this show leading up to Jules’ death? Find out by watching “Euphoria” on Sundays at 9pm on HBO Max.