Habitat for Humanity Kicks Off Their First Fundraiser of the Year at Fabio’s Bistro

John Leonardo, Staff Writer

On Wednesday Jan. 12, SPF’s “Habitat for Humanity” club held a fundraiser at Fabio’s Bistro in Fanwood. 


The Habitat for Humanity is a club that raises money throughout the school year to prepare for “build day” at the end of the year where they do hands-on work to help build shelters in the community. 


From 11 am to 9 pm, 15 percent of the sales of any customer who showed the flyer went directly to the Habitat for Humanity. 


“A lot of members got involved with spreading the word about the fundraiser, primarily through social media,” Habitat for Humanity president Samantha Edelman said. 


Not only did social media raise awareness for the fundraiser, but the flyer being online allowed people to participate in it.



“We started planning [the fundraiser] before winter break to get the word out early so we could maximize our sales,” Edelman said. “Also, we wanted members of the club to get involved with raising awareness about the fundraiser, which they did and that likely benefited our total sales.”