Cobra Kai Slithers in a New Season Four that Kicks Off a New Beginning


Joe Kaplan, Sports Editor



Daniel LaRusso walks out of the legendary Miyagi-Do dojo, with the famous headband wrapped around his forehead, looking over his students. Then, coming out of the fence, audiences are in awe as the former rival of LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence enters, with his headband wrapped around his forehead. Both senseis look over their students as they search for the common goal: win the All Valley championship and take down Cobra Kai for good. 


Season four starts off with an awkward pairing of the two former rivals as they try to teach their students the proper ways of Karate. The only problem is, they have opposing views on how to teach and it is ruining the comradery of the team. 


These senseis not only share a common awkwardness towards each other, but their enemy brought in a familiar foe. Sensei John Kreese of Cobra Kai’s military friend Terry Silver, who was a signature cast member in Karate Kid III, was brought into the Cobra Kai faze with the understanding that Lawrence and LaRusso are teaming up.   


Now, the stage is set, the baddest dojo in the valley, Cobra Kai, is preparing for the All Valley, with Miyagi-Do trying to create some buzz of their own. Oh, did I mention the bet? 


Once season three came to a close, John Kreese proposed a bet to LaRusso and Lawrence that was hard to refuse. If Cobra Kai comes out victorious in the upcoming All Valley tournament, Miyagi-Do is done. However, if Miyagi-Do does the unthinkable and takes down Cobra Kai, the baddest dojo in the land is through. 


The season continues, as audiences begin to know more about Anthony LaRusso, son of Daniel LaRusso. Anthony LaRusso is very engaged with his electronics, but is also a very popular figure at the middle school. Him and his close friends begin to bully the new kid, Kenny Payne, making him feel uncomfortable and unhappy. The irony: Kenny is the younger brother of Shawn Payne, who served his time in jail alongside Robby Keene, son of Johnny Lawrence. 


Throughout the season, the main themes are beginning to unravel: Daniel LaRusso is not always right and Terry Silver continues to be the malicious sensei fans have remembered from the past. 


Once the tournament arrives at the end of the season, LaRusso begins to notice his philosophies cannot be controlled against Cobra Kai. When the finals arrive, LaRusso calls on his frenemy Johnny Lawrence to help him get into the heads of the Cobra Kai fighters. 


I believe that the writers do an excellent job in carrying out those two themes because we get to understand the father figure in Daniel LaRusso and how he takes control of his bullying son Anthony. Also, the fact that Terry Silver paid the refs in favor of Cobra Kai was an addition that should be rewarded. It brought out the true dark side in Silver and it truly showed when he was watching his former friend John Kreese wrongfully arrested at the very end. 


There are still multiple questions that need to be answered after the conclusion of Season 4. Will Miguel be able to find his biological father? Will Terry Silver finally be responsible for the beating of Stingray which ultimately sent Kresse to jail instead of him? Hopefully, as fans, we will be able to unravel the underlying truths that each character faces.