“Anything Is Possible” lets the world know what made NBA legend Kevin Garnett the player he was

Anthony Malta, News Editor

It’s not every day Snoop Dogg appears in a sports documentary.


Pictured lounging back in a music studio with Kevin Garnett, Snoop discusses the developed partnership between hip-hop and basketball while reflecting on pivotal moments in his and Garnett’s careers. 


“Anything Is Possible,” directed by Daniel B. Levin and Eric W. Newman, is a riveting documentary that reveals what made NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett – also known as the Big Ticket. 


The biopic spans from when Garnett’s reputation was gaining traction in high school to his induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, covering all his hardships and successes along the way. Throughout the documentary, narration from Paul Pierce, Candace Parker, Snoop Dogg, Doc Rivers, Allen Iverson and Garnett himself presents unique perspectives on the creation of the legend. 


“The ingredients that make up Kevin Garnett,” The Big Ticket himself said at the opening of the film. “A tablespoon of fun, a tablespoon of seriousness…and a tablespoon of hate, because I’m driven by the hate.”


From his days at Farragut Academy in Chicago, Garnett was a superstar. Winning National High School Player of the Year and being announced a McDonald’s All American, the big-man took high school basketball by storm. 


As a senior, Garnett and high-profile teammate Ronnie Fields destroyed their opponents. Fields, an athletic six foot 3 guard with an out-of-this-world 52 inch vertical was electrifying next to his six foot 11 partner. The duo drew national attention and inspired groups of people from everywhere to witness their dominance. Garnett and Fields’ names did not leave sports headlines across America and Farragut’s basketball became a countrywide spectacle. 


“You can tell playing in Chicago, that wore on [Garnett], especially bringing that toughness out of him,” Fields said. “Not saying he wasn’t tough before, but the difference between being from the South and here is we got your back. Here, you don’t worry about those things. From there, his confidence continued to grow.”


Garnett was expectedly heavily recruited by numerous Power 5 college basketball programs, but ultimately declared for the 1995 NBA Draft out of high school after guidance from Pistons legend Isaiah Thomas and a pickup game with Michael Jordan- yes, Michael Jordan.


From the second he declared for the 1995 NBA Draft, the prospect was pursued by General Manager of the Timberwolves and Boston Celtics legend Kevin McHale, who ended up drafting the high school graduate fifth overall and spawning a new era of professional basketball. The moment Garnett was drafted was the moment he started his growth into one of the most dominant and tenacious NBA players ever. 


“Anything is Possible” is an engrossing documentary. Usually, sports films like this one tend to be consistently entertaining due to players’ highlights that keep adrenaline pumping, and directors Levin and Newman outdid this trend. The variety of stories and interactions from huge names like Snoop Dogg, Paul Pierce, Candace Parker, Isaiah Thomas, Kevin McHale and Glen Davis (who was only defeated once in arm-wrestling, that loss coming from Garnett) kept the audience intrigued. 


There was an underlying “I’m going to prove you wrong” tone that encapsulated the notorious arrogance of Garnett, which made for a flawless documentary. “Anything is Possible” proved why the Big Ticket was the first player drafted out of high school in 20 years, something that paved the way for players like Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady.