SPF Ice Hockey Pulls Off an Exceptional Win Number One

Joe Kaplan, Sports Editor

One could call it the freshman game, or the Anthony Tintonegro game, but let’s just call it win number one for the SPFHS Ice Hockey Team. 


It was an exciting game as SPF took a commanding 5-0 lead against ALJ at their home ice in Warinanco Park, Roselle. SPF ended up closing the game out with an 8-5 win. 


“I feel we performed great tonight,” senior Zach Harmer told The Fanscotian. “We came out just as we wanted and got a quick 5-0 lead and I think we really made a statement. We had four different freshmen also score their first goals, which was really cool to see.”


SPF was able to create balance on the ice and allow for multiple players to add goals to the scoreboard. The fact that multiple freshmen were able to perform strong early on in the season is a positive sign for what this team is able to accomplish this season. 


Another promising aspect of the game was the performance of junior Anthony Tittanegro. 


Tittanegro was able to put up a hat trick Tuesday night in what was a noteworthy showing. The team is definitely looking for Tittanegro to be the juice of the team that could elevate the team throughout the season. 


“In the third period, I knew I had to do whatever for our team to hold onto the lead,” Tittanegro said. “Goalies angles were terrible and I saw that is how I scored my last two goals, one of them coming on a powerplay.” 


“I had a lot of speed and just took it end to end before firing a shot top left,” Tittanegro said. “It felt great to ensure a win and score three goals in the process.”


Both Harmer and Tittanegro show a sign of encouragement and optimism for what this win can do for the team going forward — they believe that by allowing multiple players to show up and play with pride can provide a spark for this team. 


“Everyone played hard, it was an all around team effort,” Tittanegro said. “Even though we took some penalties that were crucial, they were a learning moment and in the third period, we learned from them and finished the game strong and I feel confident going into the next one.”


This first win is something to appreciate as the season progresses. Both leaders were proud of the team as a whole and look forward to continuing to take commanding leads and distribute the puck efficiently. 


“This first win is huge to us,” Harmer said. “We are getting a lot of players back from injury and want to go on a run in our division this year and it started with this game and I could not be happier with our squad.” 


SPF will look for its  second win on Dec. 14 as they Oratory Prep at Warinanco Park, Roselle at 8:35 p.m.