SPF’s first Pride Month event to take place June 28


Emily Wyrwa, Feature Editor

At the end of every storm, we get the joy of searching for rainbows, and luckily, the Alan M. Augustine Village Green will have no shortage of those on June 28. 


After being rescheduled due to inclement weather, it’s finally time for the town of Scotch Plains to unite in celebration of Pride Month. 


The event was dreamt up by Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School students Jada Montgomery and Kaelan Mattos, who felt passionately about the prospect of bringing pride to the town. They approached Mayor Joshua Losardo,  Township Manager Alexander Mirabella and Councilmember Ellen Zimmerman about the idea, and soon enough, it was underway. 


“It has been such a joy for me to plan this event and work with such passionate and inspiring students from SPFHS who share my belief that our town should be a place that celebrates diversity and inclusion,” Zimmerman said. 


The event will feature live music, crafts and community groups in order to not only celebrate Pride, but provide resources to community members who most need them. The goal for each of the organizers is to foster a family-friendly atmosphere and make the Pride event accessible to all members of the community. 


“Not every resident is in full support of this event and that’s okay,” Julie Buonaguro, the Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation in Scotch Plains and a volunteer for New York City Pride, said. “This event is meant for those who need it most… the child who doesn’t feel like they’re in the right body, or the student who wants to join the GSA Club but doesn’t feel comfortable yet, the adult who has questions about LGBTQ+ health, or the parent who is there to support their child. We want our residents to know that we see them, we’re here for them, and we’re creating a safe space for them to be proud of who they are and to celebrate it.”


Ultimately, those involved in organizing the event hope that it will “enhance the additional feeling of inclusion and acceptance,” as Mirabella said. 


“We hope this will be the first of many Pride month celebrations in Scotch Plains but at the same time, I hope this event will help spread a message that extends beyond the month of June,” Zimmerman said. “Love is love, and we believe that as more young members of our community grow up in a town that honors an event like Pride Month, LGBTQ+ rights, and acceptance for people of any race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation will become an undebatable reality for all.”

To join in the festivities, be sure to visit the Alan M. Augustine Village Green on June 28 from 6-8 p.m.