The impactful career of Mrs. Canfield


Jada Montgomery and Anthony Malta

“In reflecting back on all that I did get to share with my students here at SPFHS, I feel both honored and extremely rewarded to have had that opportunity.” 


That’s how Mrs. Lynn Canfield sums up her 15 years as a part of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School science department.


Her time at SPF began in 2006–Canfield taught all grade levels- her classes were Freshman Biology, Zoology and AP Environmental Science. 


Canfield’s career was nothing short of astonishing to both herself and her students. In a typical Biology class, students experimented with chemicals and beakers (in a safe environment, of course), molded 3D models of compounds and studied textbooks. The multiple tables, or “pods” as Canfield referred to them, allowed students to connect and collaborate with one another. 


“I, and many of my students, preferred lab days most where the students were ‘hands on’ and could explore and discover at their own pace,” Canfield said. “Thus by far, the favorite units for both students and I were Biochemistry in Biology and the Chondrichthyes (shark dissection) unit in Zoology. The Animal Behavior unit was also a fun one, culminating with that Bronx Zoo trip.” 


Canfield will always be remembered by students and staff as a friendly face and a support system. The principal of SPFHS, Dr. Heisey, has high praise for the former science teacher.


“Being an SPF graduate, [Canfield] knew the school culture and history,” Heisey said. “She was very supportive and collaborative with her colleagues.”


Sophomore Jeremy Zimmerman was one of Canfield’s students last year in Freshman Bio. Zimmerman was never very enthusiastic about science but claims that Canfield fostered a newfound passion in him for the subject.. 


“The thing I remember most about [Mrs. Canfield’s] class is the atmosphere that she created,” Zimmerman said. “I remember her always telling stories about past years and experiences with past students. It was always a class that I would look forward to because I knew I could learn and still have a good time in her class.” 


SPFHS is saying goodbye to a truly amazing educator. Mrs. Canfield was extremely passionate about her work in the science department and has left her mark on not only the school community, but every student she inspired. The Fanscotian wishes Ms. Canfield a wonderful retirement.