Cyberattack throws states into chaos


Alicia Goff, Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 7, 2021, a group believed to be called “Darkside” hacked ransomware into the Colonial Pipeline causing it to shut down and throwing Americans into a panic. 

The Colonial Pipeline is the largest refined oil system in the United States and carries gasoline to most of the Southeastern states of the US. With it shut down, gas stations have now raised prices and some Americans are now gathering as much gas as they can in any way they find possible, resulting in some stations selling out. 

Many images are surfacing on the internet, some showing how people are dealing with the shortage and others poking fun at owners of gas-fueled cars.

 Many of the photos show Americans who are stocking up on gas by filling several gas cans (aka jerrycans) to their capacity and filling plastic bags with gasoline. Reports have been surfacing about cars catching fire after the hoard of gasoline accidentally ignited. Electric car owners are using this opportunity to push the belief that electric cars are better by posting memes online about how the gas shortage is having no effect on them. 

 “I think for many people even if they wanted to get an electric car they can’t because of how expensive electric cars currently are, so even if they don’t want to, they have to rely on gas cars.” Junior Chester Skolar said.

Luckily for the citizens of New Jersey, the gas shortage has hit them the least and their gas prices and supply have yet to be affected. Governor Phil Murphy has reassured citizens that the shortage will not affect the state in any way.