Why you should watch “Behind Her Eyes” on Netflix

Why you should watch “Behind Her Eyes” on Netflix

Cass Salot, Print Editor-in-Chief

Netflix constantly drops new series left and right, feeding ourselves with new binge worthy obsessions. Giving our valuable time away from doing important tasks, to watch the newest series that was just dropped. 


“Behind Her Eyes” follows a single mother Louise as she forms an affair with her boss, psychologist David, after meeting him at a bar. While at the same time, she strikes up a friendship with David’s wife, Adele, who has struggled with mental illness. 


“Behind Her Eyes” was not a hit at first, in fact it didn’t even build any hype until a couple weeks after its release. 


The novel turned short series hit its success after a couple weeks of not being noticed at all, but once it got the attention it rightfully deserved, there was nothing stopping the continued growth. 


The limited series includes six 45 minute episodes, packed with thrill, romance, and suspense. 


One thing that viewers really enjoyed about this series is that the actors were not established actors, they did projects here and there but they were new to the business making new faces for viewers. 


“Behind Her Eyes” is one of those series that is easy to spoil, because there is so much that goes on in the series, giving anyone a snippet of information could easily spoil the enhancing plot. 


So yes, watch “Behind her Eyes.” Go into the series clear-minded with no further research and enjoy every minute of it, up until the end where your jaw will guaranteed be on the floor.