Book review of “Pledged: The Secret Life Of Sororities”

Book review of “Pledged: The Secret Life Of Sororities”

Dylan Klein, Staff Writer

Have you ever had a goal in life that you were so passionate about reaching but ended up not being able to achieve it? What if a girl is so set on getting into her top sorority for her college that she would be totally crushed if she didn’t get in? The problem is, when most girls think about sororities they think about the typical stereotypes of an only sorority girls party, and that they are all rich and blonde. This either attracts a partial audience because some people are okay with the thought of those stereotypes, yet others are driven away. 


The book “Pledged: The Secret Life Of Sororities” by Alexandra Robbins is a great book that covers the topics of the true stereotypes and the secrets behind sorority girls, and sorority houses.  Robbins has already graduated college but had a goal to write this story, so she went back to college and went undercover as a college student to observe how sorority girls act and treat people. The story takes place in the south, having four different perspectives throughout the story. The four girls deal with issues that are technically cliché within the sorority they are in because they are basic first world problems that aren’t as big of a deal as they seem.  


Peer pressure is a main issue that is addressed throughout the book. Not only are the four girls expected to date within a certain fraternity, but they also have to act and dress the same as the other girls. 


I would definitely recommend this book to high-school-age students and older. This is because although it is a great read, it does have some topics that are inappropriate for younger audiences as well as some topics that may be triggering for a younger audience. I also would recommend this book because if you do not know much about the truth behind the closed doors of sororities, this can open your eyes and change your perspective. It gives you a better understanding of the struggles college girls go through and the pressure some have to deal with. 


If you want a good read, this is the book for you!