Track star Julia Jackson on her future in medicine and her experiences as an EMT


Jada Montgomery, Staff Writer

Julia Jackson is a junior at SPFHS who hopes to pursue a career in medicine and serve her community. 

Q: When did you become interested in being an EMT or just medical training? 

A: I’ve always  found it cool. My grandparents work in the fire department right next to the ambulance station. I was aware that when you turn 16 you are able to ride in an ambulance  and I’ve always been interested in that.

Q: What is the process of training? 

A: You need to take a 150 class session and do hospital volunteering. The course is 3 months and you need to pass a national exam to complete the course. After that you are able to ride in the back of an ambulance  with an EMT  over 18.

Q: When you volunteer, what is your schedule like ? 

A: I work one to two shifts a week from 6pm to 10pm and then I have monthly meetings. Weekly we get about one to two calls. I started riding in January after I passed the exam. 

Q: What kind of career are you hoping for this training to lead into?

A: I definitely want to continue being an EMT in college but post-college I would like to be a surgeon.