Manifest is Back for Season 3

Manifest is Back for Season 3

Joe Kaplan, Staff Writer

**Spoiler warning**


Flight 828’s mysterious passengers have been roaming around Earth, blasted by the supernatural callings for several months, with no sign of hope. Season 2 closes out with a massive tailfin found in the waters of Cuba, only to draw fans closer to an extraordinary solution to the madness. Flight 828’s mysterious passengers have witnessed all the crazy phenomenons and season 3 might bring all audiences to an insane solution. Ever since the tailfin has been found in tropical waters, fans are curious to find out what it means, and how it got there.


We all remember how we got here right? The callings, the Major, finding Zeke in the woods, Cal’s kidnappers missing from under the lake. These events have all led up to this main event. The question is, how do they all relate? 


Season 3 has started with a bang. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), the leader of the investigation to figure out the biggest mystery ever developed, traveled to Cuba where the tailfin of the missing plane has been found. Stone was able to find the tailfin in a small warehouse right outside the waters.


Being his curious self, Stone investigated the features of the tailfin. Once he touched the fin, the callings made a quick appearance. Stone got pushed back with an immense force, as if the callings were pushing him away from the fin. Why would the callings do this to him? What does it mean?


Meanwhile, the honeymoon has just begun for Newlyweds Micheala Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) and Zeke Landon (Matt Long). Their honeymoon doesn’t last very long when Micheala’s callings find a child hidden in a family’s basement on the island. Here, we see the heroics the callings have on the passengers. On the other hand, there are instances where the callings lead to disastrous findings. 


Season 3 escalated from there as the callings, like usual, started to put many different puzzle pieces together. Ultimately, Ben Stone came to a realization that might be the solution to all of this madness.  




Were these passengers in fact, resurrected?


The definition of resurrection is the state of being risen from the dead, and what we have seen so far, from all of these callings and adventures, could be the ultimate conclusion. 


This is by far the greatest mystery that has ever taken place for humans walking on earth. There has never been any scenario just like this and what audiences are witnessing is unremarkable. 


Fans are still shocked. After every episode, a new mystery is revealed. Episode 3 ended with Bob Vance, who is still technically “dead”,  staring in awe over what the government was able to find out about 828. What was he staring at? Episode 4 may be the start to the unraveling of the greatest conspiracy theory in history. The possibility of resurrection may be above and beyond, but nothing is possible in the 828 world.  


You can watch Manifest every Thursday night at 8:00 PM only on NBC.