“Sea of Thieves,” an “old” game that keeps updating


Jordan Katz, Staff Writer

When I first purchased “Sea of Thieves” many months ago, it was mostly because it was on sale for around 50% off, and I remembered seeing numerous clips of the game that showed how much potential it had. Even then, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I myself, began to play. Ultimately, it worked out very well and I find myself playing it a lot lately.


Initially released in March 2018, it was a slow game in terms of development to turn it into the game that it is today. “Sea of Thieves” is an open world game where you take the role of pirates that can travel the seas and complete various voyages for gold and experience. With it being multiplayer, you are also presented with the opportunity of acting like a bandit of the seas in order to steal from other players like a real pirate would.


The graphics are very cartoon-like, which might seem like it goes against what the game is about, but it actually resonants very well as a lot of aspects of the gameplay are inherently humorous. As a result, the game has a more light-hearted reputation rather than one where players feel the need to take everything seriously. 


Something that I’ve always enjoyed about “Sea of Thieves” is how things can go from being absolutely calm with no trouble in sight to pandemonium in an instant. The most common incident of this is when you’re casually sailing the seas to get to the next island for a voyage and you randomly start hearing boss music and next thing you know, you have to fend off a megalodon or a kraken from sinking your ship. It’s also impossible to have a session where you’re sailing and don’t suddenly see another player’s ship in the distance and have to navigate away so they don’t come over and try to steal your treasure.


If there was one overall complaint to have, it’s that you usually need to play with friends to have the full experience of the game that you can have. Technically this is the case with a lot of games, but it applies a lot to “Sea of Thieves” and experiencing the entirety of the game is extremely better when you have people playing with you. Despite that, I absolutely recommend it to anyone who might be interested.