It’s February…which means it’s aquarius season!


Jamie Frank

Typing up a storm as you rapidly search the web, looking for answers to why your life seems to be entirely falling apart, you quickly stumble upon a website that informs you of your zodiac sign: the Aquarius. You ask yourself, what does it mean to be an aquarius? Why does it matter? Well the simple truth is, your zodiac sign can have a huge impact on your personality, mood and can explain why you seem to be having a terrible week. 


The Aquarius, also known as the Water Bearer, is the 11th astrological zodiac sign. The birth dates of people who identify with the Aquarius sign is between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18. Many people who are aquariuses also generally identify as innovators. 


Although it’s known as the Water Bearer, the aquarius element is air. Since it is an air element it signifies that aquariuses usually cannot be put into one single stereotype. Aquariuses are known to be very intelligent, progressive and adaptable. They can be very quiet or very loud and their affinity for knowledge can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. One aquarius may love to travel, another may be content studying at home.


One commonality between most people under the aquarius sign is that they have a passion for mental stimulation and seek to make the world a better place. Sometimes described as eccentric, common occupations for aquariuses are a professor, scientist, actor or even a life coach. Aquariuses tend to enjoy critical thinking and problem solving, which can be difficult to find in a research job or at a typical 9 to 5 job working at a desk. 


“When it comes to work, aquariuses are all about showcasing their imaginative abilities and unique skills,” PrepScholar said. “They love exercising their talents and intellect and thrive in environments wherein they can propose ideas, help others, and be relentlessly creative. They do well in group projects but want clear recognition for their contributions.”


The unique way that individuals under the Aquarius sign think, allows them to have a huge impact on any work environment. It’s just the matter of finding the right one.


Due to their imaginative thinking, aquariuses have many positive traits that can help them throughout life such as their originality. They are not troubled by problems and are eager to find solutions, no matter how long it may take. Aquariuses tend to also be visionaries and look constantly into the future to see how they can make their life, and the lives of people around them, better. 


On the other hand, some Aquariuses may come off as aloof or cold. They can come across as detached because of their need to critically analyze or solve problems and this may lead them to overlook emotions. They can also be a bit condescending in this regard because they tend to believe their opinions are facts and it can be difficult to sway them to see a new perspective. 


“I don’t believe in zodiac signs because the descriptions can be vague and probably fit with a lot of people,” senior Lily Holston said. “But I do find them interesting to think about and I like to see if I match with the traits of my sign. I actually feel that the aquarius identity represents me well as I enjoy problem solving and am interested in a career in science and something that will have a positive impact on the world.”


It is true that there are some debates on how accurate zodiac signs can be, but it is all based on perspective. Aquariuses are very versatile and it may seem as though they do not represent their sign on the surface, but you may later discover their deepest desires coincide with aquarius traits. The most important thing to remember is that all zodiac signs are necessary, and without aquariuses, we may not have had the brilliant discoveries like those of Thomas Edison, a fellow aquarius, who invented the light bulb!

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