What The Game Does…:Hailey Kinard


Jada Montgomery, Staff Writer

Stick. Ball. Field. Goal. 

This  is the mentality of many lacrosse players when approaching the game. They are always striving to show off their best skills, and beating the other team. It’s all about what and how the players do for the game. 

But what does the game do for the players? 

Like many talented student athletes, senior Hailey Kinard has accepted a sports scholarship to play Division One lacrosse for the Colgate University women’s lacrosse team.  

Kinard’s love for lacrosse began in fifth grade.Having over seven years hon in on her skills and grow. When Kinard is not playing high school lacrosse, she plays for a premier club team called blank. 

“Playing lacrosse has given me a passion and something to work hard for,” Kinard said. “It’s taught me that hard work truly does pay off. I know that in order for me to perform well in  games, I also have to work hard in practice, go for runs, lift, and always work to get better. Just like at school, I know in order to do well on tests, I have to put in the work and study.” The pandemic has had major effects on the college admissions process and scholarships that student-athletes can receive. With shortened seasons and games being scheduled on short notice, itt becomes difficult for recruiters to evaluate upcoming athletes.  

“I haven’t had a chance to meet the other recruits in my class because of COVID yet and we’re all really eager to finally meet in person,” Kinard said. “COVID has also cancelled a lot of tournaments and practices and I miss my club team and I miss playing in games with them.”Amidst the impact of the pandemic, Kinard is still remaining positive and excited for her future career at Colgate.

“In college I will continue to grow as I push myself as an athlete,” Kinard said. “I know I’m not perfect and can always do something better, so I will work hard and try everyday to be better than I was the day before.