Should James Robinson be in the NFL’s 2021 Pro Bowl?


Anthony Malta, Staff Writer

It was disappointing, but expected as James Robinson was snubbed from the pro bowl. 

Call it what you want, but watching the  Jacksonville Jaguars has been nothing shy of painful. The only sense of comfort an NFL fan gets from the Jaguars is when their favorite team is matched up against them. Amassing 21 wins in a whopping 64 games from 2016-2019, football in Jacksonville is sleeping under the blanket of the NFL- but the unexpected emergence of a star may just sound the alarm. 

Electrifying running back James Robinson, undrafted out of Illinois State, has been shredding through even the most tenacious defenses in the 2020-21 NFL season. The rookie boasts 1,070 rushing yards as of Week 15, sitting behind only Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook. 

Running back production is largely a function of team environment,” Sports Illustrated writer Gus Logue said. “The fact that Robinson is near- or slightly above-average in most efficiency metrics is truly commendable, even if it seems underwhelming on the surface.” 

So, should James Robinson have won a spot in the Pro Bowl? 

Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, and Josh Jacobs were the three AFC running backs chosen for the job. Both Chubb and Henry are among the most elite rushers in the league, and each put up ridiculous statistics this season. 

But Jacobs? The Las Vegas Raiders running back is having a very successful season. However, it is not at the caliber of Robinson’s. The Jaguars RB has rushed for 163 more yards than Jacobs on five less carries. Not to mention, Jacobs is running behind a solid offensive line that was slightly downgraded due to injury, compared to the lackluster one of Jacksonville.

Jacobs, the second year running back out of Alabama, has three more touchdowns than James Robinson, holding the sixth most in the league at 10. Robinson has seven, but averages almost a full yard more per rushing attempt. 

It comes down to efficiency or scoring: Robinson or Jacobs. James Robinson has been the more efficient runner all season  successfully moving the chains all  on a team where he is virtually the only offensive weapon. Josh Jacobs has seen the end zone a considerable amount, but is far less efficient in rushing on a Raiders team with a top-tier offense There is nothing else to say except that Robinson was snubbed.