Huge success for SPF students at regional FBLA competition


Jamie Frank, Photo Editor

On Dec. 23, 2020, over 40 students were announced to have placed in their respective business competitions as a part of the Future Business Leaders of America’s (FBLA’s) Northern Central NJ Regional Competition. 

“I placed in entrepreneurship, and in that category we analyzed business scenarios of startups companies and how to problem solve with the press, public, and general solutions to issues a new business may face,” junior Sofia Ciullo said. “I joined FBLA because I have an affinity for business and I am also involved in DECA. It made sense for me to expand my knowledge of business in general.”

FBLA is a national organization, with a chapter at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School (SPFHS). The organization prepares students for business-related endeavors in their future careers and aims to focus on leadership, development, academic competitions, educational programs, membership benefits, community service and awards & recognition. 

On Dec. 13 and 14, 2020, many members of FBLA competed in regional competitions based on various business principles. The regional competition consisted of a test in which students with the highest eight scores in the categories are eligible for the state competition. 

One of those categories was international business. 

“For international business, we needed to memorize many terms and concepts in trade of goods and services, GDPs, transactions, organizations and companies that help with these sort of actions between nations,” junior Diana Stinkova said. “I had to study a lot about the bigger nations like China, United States and Europe and not only their individual economies and the processes. It really opened my eyes on the diversity of each nation, as well as the thousands of concepts that revolve around the companies that serve an average day citizen in America.” 

This year, a record number of SPFHS students will be moving onto the state level of their competitions. 

Category Place in first category Place in second category First Name Last Name
ADV 3 Alexa Gingold
ADV 7 Marin Brace
AGBUS 3 Sophia Gallo
BFS 1 1 Ryan Eng
BFS 3 2 Gavin Morrobel
BLAW 3 Jason Tannenbaum
BLAW 5 Eric DeMaria
BPRO 6 Ananda Daniel
CA 2 Anna Sicoli
CYBER 3 Jackson Lubalin
ENTRE 6 1 Sofia Ciullo
ENTRE 6 1 Kerrin Wojcik
HOSP 1 1 Samantha Edelman
HOSP 1 1 Jessica Rojek
HOSP 2 3 Shyana Nansha
HOSP 2 3 Emily Sicoli
HOSP 3 2 Sherin Kachroo
HOSP 3 2 Isabela Segarra
IBUS 8 1 Diana Stinkova
IBUS 8 1 Emily Wyrwa
IEP 3 1 Yaritza Catalan
IEP 3 1 Pari Gill
IEP 3 1 Niyati Shah
IEP 4 2 Diego Gutierrez
IEP 4 2 Bennet Xia
IEP 7 3 Claire Cassidy
IEP 7 3 Grace Germinder
IITECH 4 Nishaan Desai
JRN 3 Ella Mauer
MDM 2 1 Carly Walker
MDM 2 1 Ryann Wall
MKT 1 3 Charlie Collidge
MKT 4 2 Kaitlyn Mohabir
MKT 4 2 Emily Yang
MKT 6 1 Alice Bachman
MKT 6 1 Noa Levine
MKT 6 1 Jamie Weinberg
OL 2 Dennis Gannon
POLI 5 anna saltzman
POLI 8 Emmet Feeney
SPORTS 4 2 Zachary Harmer
SPORTS 5 1 Moumit Bhattacharjee
SPORTS 5 1 Mourik Bhattacharjee
SPORTS 5 1 John Stellakis