Fans raise questions over the controversial Grammy nominations


Gabby Lancaster, Editor in Chief

The Grammy’s, once known for their prestige and honor in the music industry, has recently been controversially questioned about their nominations.  With past snubs in nominations such as Taylor Swift’s reputation and the loss of Lana Del Rey’s coveted best album award for Norman F’ing Rockwell, it’s safe to say the validity of the Grammy’s is being doubted. 

2020 produced plenty of opportunities for nominations and it was no doubt there would be competition about which artist would take home the awards.  The shock and panic set in when fans realized some of their favorite musicians weren’t even honored with a nomination, especially those who undoubtedly deserved it.  

The Weeknd’s album After Hours was completely snubbed from any possible awards and the singer took to social media to explain his opposition against the Recording Academy.  With his success this year, especially through his song “Blinding Lights,” it’s no wonder that he chose to address the unfair situation with support from his fans.  

“I really like the Weeknd and it’s obvious that he’s a main artist with a huge following,” senior Maddie StaRosa said.  “I’m upset that he didn’t get any nominations for his album or any of the songs on it because it was really good.”

Other artists were victims of the Grammy’s failure to validate all types of music and artists as Halsey’s album Manic didn’t receive any nominations either.  She too urged her disagreement and even alleged that the Grammy’s were based on bribes and called it an “elusive process.” 

Despite both artists and many more creating music that spoke to the hearts of fans, the Grammy’s failed to recognize either album’s impact on culture and creativity, which only supports the idea that perhaps the Recording Academy is falling behind.