How Microsoft is attempting to bring the next generation of gaming to everyone


John Leonardo, Staff Writer

Ever since Dec. 2019 when Microsoft, the company behind the Xbox consoles, announced their next generation of consoles, it was set to compete with Sony’s Playstation 5. Gamers everywhere have been waiting for their chance to get their hands on the console at an affordable price since the recent pandemic has taken a toll on the economy. 

The console along with it’s cheaper counterpart, the Xbox Series S was finally released Nove. 10 2020. Xbox exclusive games such as Halo Infinite will be released in 2021, having all sorts of fans new and old excited for the upcoming year. 
Due to the recent competition of the Playstation 5, Microsoft really had to come up with an appealing plan to get the edge over some consumers. Microsoft’s solution is to actually create two gaming systems; the Xbox Series X is more powerful and expensive than the Xbox Series S, creating two different options for consumers to buy.

“I personally got the Series X for the disc space as I have a lot of games that need the extra power,” SPFHS junior James Sullivan said. “The Series X is a good investment for people like me who enjoy powerful games but the Series S also does a great job of getting people into the next generation.” 

 Starting at $300, the Xbox Series S appeals to the more everyday gamer, being much less powerful than the Xbox Series X. However, for those looking for a complete 4k experience, the Xbox Series X is perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind paying the extra $200 for the full power Microsoft has to offer. 

“Before it was very unlikely that I could get a new gaming console because of just the awkward timing of everything being released and the pandemic,” UCVTS junior Julia Rosen said. “However the Xbox Series S was actually very accommodating for my situation as my family and I don’t care too much for 4k gameplay.”  

As one can see, the demand for both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X would be insanely high this year especially considering the current situation of Covid-19 and possibly being on another lockdown.   

“To complement Xbox Series X and invite more players into the next generation sooner, we built Xbox Series S—an all-digital, next-gen console designed to deliver everything that is core to next-generation gaming,” Microsoft said. 

Despite all the problems that set themselves in motion this year, Microsoft overcame and set in place measures to make sure everyone can purchase their product.