How to maintain healthy habits while school is online


Lenore Ferguson

Virtual schooling has indubitably changed the lives of everyone, even outside of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School walls, or now rather, the walls of students’ very own homes. Whether it’s simply adding screen time to staff and students’ daily routines or consequences on the emotional and physical health of everyone, no one is left unaffected and unbothered by this sudden and drastic change in schooling. 
While it is completely normal to be affected by these sudden changes, it is important to pick up on and change the unhealthy habits that come from virtual learning. 
“Although it is our safest option at this moment, it has taken away the best part of teaching- working with students in a face to face setting where I can help them grow and set their goals, achieve and exceed their goals,” Advanced Weight Training (AWT) teacher, assistant football coach and assistant track and field coach Peter Kane said.
School administrators and teachers have come up with an elaborate schedule that takes into consideration screen breaks and long lunches for students and teachers. This is something students learning from home must take advantage of. Remember, it’s built to benefit students, after all. 
Although this is a new way of schooling that can be overwhelming at times, SPFHS as a whole will prevail. “Remember there are no peaks without valleys,” Kane said.