A typical evening at home

A typical evening at home

Dylan Klein, Staff Writer

When you think of school, you usually think of in-person learning, like the normal average way every student experiences. Now add a twist to learning: instead of working and learning in school, it’s an at home type of thing. Due to Covid-19 this is sadly what students have been dealing with since the beginning of September up until now. The main issue is when students are working and staring at their electronics for classes for five to six hours, where is that break of not looking at your screen any longer? Olivia Linderman, a junior at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School gives her intake on  how many hours a day she spends on homework after school ends and if spending a long period of time on the computer is too much. 

Asking how many hours a day she usually spends on homework, this is a shocking amount of time. 

“For me, this honestly depends, With block scheduling, some days I have more work than others. On average, I would say I spend at least five hours on homework. Between taking two AP classes and the rest accel, I’m definitely busy completing homework every night.” Linderman said. 

“Once again, I usually stay up each night trying to finish my homework,” Linderman said. “This really depends on the day. If I have a lighter load, I may stay up to 10 or 10:30 finishing my homework. On nights that I have more assignments, I might stay up around 12-1 am finishing.”

Spending several hours on homework on the computer at home after online school ends is too much to handle, sometimes causing headaches and other problems. 

“I think it is a lot, but not too much to handle,” Linderman said. “For the sake of my eyes and my mental health, I normally take a break after online school. Whether it’s getting a snack, going for a walk outside, or even taking a quick nap, I need that time to rest my eyes from staring at a screen all day. I have tried other methods to help with headaches and eye pain such as blue light glasses. Unfortunately, according to opthamologists, they are a scam and don’t actually help your eyes. With this in mind, these breaks really are the one thing that help it from being too much to handle.” 

Overall, the amount of work students may be receiving like Linderman, may be alarming and stressful due to long periods of time looking at a screen and the overall anxiety of getting the work done.