Freshman orientation allows students to finally explore everything the school has to offer


Caitlin Maughan

On Tuesday the 10 and Wednesday the 11, freshmen gathered on the grassy patch outside of Door 12 to explore the many clubs that Scotch Plains-Fanwood high school has to offer. Simultaneously, the club Presidents and teachers attempted to recruit new members and advertise their club.   
Though the Club Fair was cut short on Wednesday due to the rain, the freshmen were able to finally experience a taste of high school. Additionally, they saw many clubs and signed up for a few that stood out to them. 
“I’m looking at all of these clubs and learning about them,” freshman Heather Sherman said. “There is Operation Smile, Care for Kids, Red Cross, all these different clubs that help people in need.” 
Clubs decked out their tables with posters, clothes, flyers and more to entice freshmen. Many clubs, including the Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) club, had a successful turn-out at the fair and managed to spread the word about their club effectively. 
This Club Fair was not just another way for clubs to grow in numbers and popularity. A few of the clubs had important goals that they wanted to achieve in order to make a difference in the lives of the SPFHS students. 
“Our goal for this club fair is to get more freshman into this club so that they can not only be aware that we do have a club which represents LGBTQ youth at the school but also help other people self discover and understand who they are truly,” sophomore Kaelan Mattos, representing SAGA at the Club Fair, said. 
Other clubs were not as hopeful and viewed the event as more of a gathering for students who had been separated for so long due to the coronavirus. Though they understood, they were disappointed. 
“To be totally honest, I do not think that the club fair will be extremely successful in getting new members for our club,” junior Kaitlyn Mohabir, social media chair for Operation Smile, said. “Because people care more about being with their friends than the club, which I totally understand.” 
Along with an introduction to the extracurricular activities of the school, freshmen received a tour so that they would be prepared when they return next week. 
“I’m about to take a tour so I will learn where everything is and how the one-way hallways and staircases work,” Heather said.