SPF kicks off Violence Prevention Awareness Week


Erica Schindler

The week of Oct. 19, 2020 to Oct. 23, 2020 marks Violence Prevention Awareness Week at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. The goal of this week of awareness is to remind students and staff that violence can be prevented.
“If we are aware of the signs and are willing to educate ourselves on how to intervene in a safe way, be kind and respectful to each other, many forms of violence can be eliminated,” Student Assistance Coordinator Liz Knodel-Gordon said.
It’s important to know that violence can take on many forms, Knodel-Gordon says. Physically hurting someone, as well as spreading rumors and posting negative comments about someone are all acts of violence.
To participate in Violence Prevention Awareness Week, students should have conversations with each other about how to prevent violence and keep our schools and communities safe. There are also other ways to prevent violence virtually, this week and always.
“Don’t feed into social media negativity, respect yourself and post something that lets others know that you are against violence of any kind,” Knodel-Gordon said.