Dr. Leana Wen tells us that Coronavirus is more than just a cold


Caitlin Maughan

Leana Wen, CNN Medical Analyst, recently described why the coronavirus is worse than we all think. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is capable of impacting almost every organ in the human body. Therefore, it causes symptoms of not only coughing and fever, but also vomiting, diarrhea, loss of senses, extreme fatigue and more.
People who have suffered from mild symptoms but have never been treated medically could have long-term effects that are still unknown to scientists. Symptoms from the virus can become permanent and really disable people.   
Some people who have been affected by the virus can develop joint aches, heart palpitations, hair loss and even depression. Another possible side effect is long-term organ damage. For instance, some patients develop pneumonia from the virus and have permanent scarring in their lungs. Others have developed inflamed hearts, which is extremely dangerous. 
“COVID-19 also seems to increase blood-clotting which has led to strokes that can be debilitating with patients unable to speak or move a side of their body,” Dr. Wen said. “And there is a lot more that we don’t know about this novel coronavirus.”
This uncertainty is why the virus is so dangerous and needs to be stopped at all costs. So next time you go out, be aware of the safety guidelines and follow them in order to protect yourself and those around you. 
Actress Alyssa Milano battled coronavirus in April. She claims she suffered from almost every symptom and often feared for her life. Months later, in August, Alyssa took to twitter to show that she was still suffering from coronavirus symtems such as hair loss despite testing positive for coronavirus antibodies. 
Alyssa also worries that the testing system of the United States is flawed after receiving two negative test results which were later proven wrong by her worrisome condition and a positive test result. 
“Wear a damn mask,” Milano says.