Your favorite activities: quarantine style


Alicia Goff

Social distancing is a phrase that has been circling the world for the past couple of months, and due to it many friends and families can’t participate in celebrations and traditions in person. However, despite the circumstances, people have still found other ways to celebrate events together. The most common outlet people have used to get together is through video chat apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. There are other ways, however, to stay safe and still do the things you want to do.
One thing that people can do while social distancing is clothes shopping. Even though places such as the mall are closed, the majority of stores have an online store and through it people can find deals, other products not in store and purchase items without even having to step out the door. Even though events such as prom and graduation are still unsure people are still enjoying the events by dressing in their prom attire and taking photos so that they still get the chance to dress up. Through this method of shopping those who haven’t yet found the perfect outfit can still have the opportunity to.
When it comes to celebrating, an important part is the dinner. With social distancing, restaurants aren’t serving anyone in person, but many still provide delivery services. Some people have begun using sites such as Ubereats and DoorDash when they are having a craving for their favorite dish at their favorite food joint. Others have taken this opportunity to test their cooking skills and make their favorite meals. Sites like allrecipes and Pinterest contain hundreds of thousands of recipes from toast to a full gourmet meal, so there is a high probability they have a recipe for your favorite dish.
Games are also a popular activity when it comes to gatherings. Many have taken to playing card games via the internet and when it comes time for a group game night. People play games such as Werewolf, Dungeons and Dragon, and Jackbox. Gaming companies also have taken this opportunity to promote their online gaming sites and create new sites that people can access and play with friends.
There are many different things that people have found to adapt to this new way of living and even though social distancing is keeping everyone apart they are just getting closer.