Student continues business through school closure


Skylar Stagaard

On May 1, 2020, senior Megan Sheehy revived the successful Sheehy’s Sweets in celebration of decision day for the senior class. The once-successful business that thrived in the school atmosphere had to be adjusted to accommodate the new reality of quarantined life.
Megan Sheehy started her baking business, “Sheehy’s Sweets,” after discovering her passion for baking. For the first few years of high school, she brought in treats simply because she enjoyed surprising her friends. As more people started requesting the baked goods, she decided to turn her hobby into a business.

“Normally I would post an announcement for a sale and I would get the preorders and label their bags so I knew not to sell those, but I’d have other batches that were for sale during the school day,” Sheehy said. “Now it’s much more difficult, I basically have to work exclusively from pre-orders and increase the price because I have to deliver them.”

Although the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year will take place remotely, “Sheehy’s Sweets” will remain in service. The decision day sale was the first example of the sales Sheehy plans in this new era for her business.
The business is a form of bringing joy to others, a practice Sheehy wants to continue to emphasize through the quarantine.

“I had the idea early in the school year, but found a way to modify it to bring some joy and do my part to make people feel better when they couldn’t normally celebrate with friends,” Sheehy said.

To order some “Sheehy’s Sweets,” keep an eye out on Sheehy’s official Instagram page, @sheehys_sweets, for an announcement and order form.
Photo courtesy of @sheehys_sweets on Instagram.