Being in quarantine is hard: here are some things we can all look forward to


Charlotte Pollack

Being in quarantine can be really hard. Without being able to see your friends, extended family, and teachers, it is really easy to get down about being stuck home. But, there are always things to look forward to!

  1. Memorial day has made it possible for SPFHS to have a four day weekend this year. Now students can spend a little less time worrying about their online classes and a little more time relaxing!
  2. The longest day of the year is June 20, which is approaching next month. We can all enjoy the bit of extra sunlight that comes every single day!
  3. Students don’t have to worry about taking finals this year! Look forward to a more stress-free end to the school year!
  4. There are lots of programs being added to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. You can look forward to more of your favorite shows and movies getting released.
  5. Walks and bike rides are always things to look forward to. With the weather getting nicer, time outside can increase!

Although many things have unfortunately been canceled this year, the community still has many things to look forward to. Keep a positive attitude and keep going!
Photo via flickr