Ways to stay healthy during this quarantine


Hannah Kriney

Quarantine is a new experience for all of us and is not something you can really prepare for.  Sure you can stock up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, food, puzzles, and more but adjusting one’s life to fit this pandemic has become a struggle for people all over the world.  New habits are forming in quarantine, let us make sure we are doing what’s healthy for ourselves.

  1. Stay away from the junk food

With having limited access to fresh food, people are stocking their shelves with anything they can manage to find.  Junk food is great in that regard because it takes years until it expires and who doesn’t love chips or little snacks like Goldfish or Cheez-itz.  It can become tempting to start to indulge yourself in this unhealthy realm of food when it is all over your house, but the more you indulge, the more unhealthy you become.  Try new and different healthy recipes that you can use with the food you already might have in the house instead of opting for the pre-packaged, artificial options.
2. Get fresh air
By being stuck inside our houses all day long for weeks on end, many people are lacking the benefits one can have from being outside.  I am not saying to go out of quarantine and walk downtown with friends and family, but by simply just going out into your backyard for a few hours a day to read, watch a show, paint your nails, anything, can have multiple benefits for one’s mental and physical health.  
3. Exercise 
Everyone is not receiving the daily exercise they usually do on their way to work, working around the school building, going to sports practices after school, etc.  It is becoming more difficult to get out of bed and walk more than the 20 feet it may take one to get from their bed to their couch.  By being stuck in the house all day it limits the amount of physical activity we can do, but it is crucial that everyone gets active during this time.  Go on a walk with someone from your household, complete some at-home workouts that can easily be found on YouTube, or just do anything that will keep you moving and active.  As good as it may seem to sit on the couch all day for weeks, it will only hurt you in the end.
Graphic via Healinghealthteas.com