Asteroid “52768” narrowly avoids Earth


Sabrina Ngu

2020 can’t get any more crazy with its bizarre events. On April 29, 5:56 a.m., asteroid “52768,” or “1998 OR2” flew by the Earth. Following its discovery in 1998 by astronomers, it has been tracked for over 20 years, currently travelling at a speed of 19,461 mph and a size of 1.2 miles. 
Back in March, reports of the asteroid instilled fear within the people. Having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as an asteroid would have led to chaos, especially since the asteroid had the possibility of striking the planet. However, NASA made confirmations that the asteroid will not collide with Earth as it will fly past the planet  3.9 million miles away. 
“I feel like this year is definitely going to be interesting,” junior Serena Thomas said. “I feel as though once the coronavirus ends, a new crisis is just going to start up. Whatever it is though, the way we handle it is going to affect how bad it’s going to turn into.” 
With one crisis averted, it makes it all the better for people to focus on surviving through the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if there were to be another catastrophic event later in the future, people around the world will be able to persevere and survive in these dark times. 
“I hope that in 2020 we will be able to go out and about in public like we used to before the pandemic,” junior Devin Cooke said. “By that time everyone is out of school and hopes to have a good break before going back to school would help people to get their spirits back for what they want to do.”