Junior Paul Harris collecting donations for local food pantry


Erica Schindler

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone, and many people are struggling financially during this difficult time. One Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School student, junior Paul Harris, decided to do something to help those in need. Harris is collecting food to be donated to St. Bartholomew the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Scotch Plains.
Harris began by reaching out to a soup kitchen that he had volunteered at. He found out that it was shut down due to the pandemic, but knew that people still needed food.

I also knew St. Bart’s Church has a food pantry and they are empty and looking for donations,” Harris said. “Right now is a time of struggling with many parents I know out of work and making less money. I believe that creating a donation for these people could be a good way to help them out.”

Harris will donate the food he collects to the food pantry at St. Bart’s. The pantry will then distribute it to those in the neighborhood who are in need.
Many generous donations are being supplied by Harris’ neighbors. He handed out fliers to 200 houses in his neighborhood to spread the news of his donation. So far, he has collected over 40 bags or donations containing food and other necessities.

“My neighbors have all really helped out,” Harris said. “There have been many generous donations and I really appreciate the help that they are giving to their neighbors.”

Overall, Harris hopes to help those are struggling and may be in need of food. He encourages others who want to help to do so by donating to local churches or soup kitchens.

“I’m glad people are coming together to help our community out during these hard times,” Harris said. “It makes me happy to see us helping out others.”

Photo courtesy of Paul Harris.