Hair color trends anyone can try


Vivian Chiang

From glamorous highlights to eye-catching hues, coloring your hair has never been more popular. With the rise of dyeing your hair comes one big problem — what color and style do you choose? There are more options than ever thanks to a multitude of DIY hair colors and customizable coloring conditioner from the likes of Overtone and Colorista. See below for a little hair color inspiration.
Strawberry Blonde
Seen among famous stars such as Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams, this hair color is a timeless classic no matter what your original hair color is. It’s a low maintenance color, depending on how strong you want it to be, and the pale shade brightens the skin and allows for the appearance of a healthy glow.
Grey or Silver
Believe it or not, the younger generation has generated an interest in bleaching and dyeing their hair grey or silver. Whether it is seen on the tail end of an ombre or being used as highlights, this trend is picking up among those with a darker natural hair color such as black or dark brown. 
Contrast Colors
This trend is most popular among users of the app “Tiktok,” which has been gaining even more traction with teenagers and young adults. This trend comes in a lot of forms but consists of one major component: a section of super-bright color. Whether it be the split hairstyle or two locks at the front of the head, this hair color trend is meant to draw your attention.
Any Ashy Color
Cool tone dye jobs are in, whether it be an ash brown or a crazier color like red or blue, the ashy tone is supposed to cool out your skin tone. While this trend is popular everywhere, the movement first started in Asia as more and more celebrities joined in on the ashy dye job train.