Garage sales: the most underrated way of shopping

Sofia Casimiro

When spring cleaning comes along, as it does for most people, many decide to have garage sales in order to dispose of the items they no longer want. For those who organize these sales, it is out with the old (unwanted items) and in with the new (profit to spend on “x” item). Likewise, shoppers make comfortable purchases of second-hand items to enjoy as if they were brand new. Both participants leave with something to gain, and you could too.
Shopping second-hand can contribute to developing a unique sense of style.
Constantly shopping for clothes at the mall can more than hurt one’s pockets. Shopping at the mall can also be difficult for many people, especially since not all stores tend to cater to all body types and style preferences. When shopping at a garage sale, which is similar to thrifting, there is a much wider variety of clothing sizes and designs since the clothes are not designed to cater to a specific type of shopper. Garage sales are usually a wonderful mix of vintage, modern and unique clothes. It’s always fun to mix and match different articles of clothing to create your own look. “I’ve bought some accessories and posters at garage sales before, and to this day they’re still some of my favorite finds,” said senior Gwen Sleat.
Purchasing second-hand clothes helps take care of the environment.
Garage sales tend to be underrated, and most people overlook how both parties not only benefit from this exchange but simultaneously benefit the environment. By shopping for second-hand clothes, one is participating in sustainability: “the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance” (Oxford Dictionary). Shopping second-hand at garage sales helps decrease the amount of clothing produced through manufacturing, a process that harms the environment. Selling second-hand items helps keep them out of landfills and instead puts them on the backs of people who may really need them.
“I think that in this day in age, any effort to help the environment counts– and shopping at garage sales is a great example of practicing sustainability,” said senior Gabby Khan. 
The next time you go out to shop during the springtime, look out for garage/yard sales that may be nearby. Embrace the better deals, cool finds and environmental sustainability.