Margaret West’s college choice becomes clear

Margaret West’s college choice becomes clear

Julia Sassoon

With decision day just about a month away, Margaret West has been putting a lot of thought into her next four years. As she receives the last of her college decisions, she is starting to make some more concrete choices about where she wants to be.
Since the last issue, West has heard from two more universities. She was accepted into Ohio State University and unfortunately rejected from the University of Texas at Austin. 

“[Being rejected] was definitely hard to recover from,” West said. “However, I was able to remain positive and know that it was not the place for me.”

West plans to visit a few of her possible schools in the upcoming weeks to gain a better idea of her preferences. She hopes to travel to the University of Florida and the University of Wisconsin, as well as Ohio State University if time permits. 
West is hopeful that she will receive an acceptance from the University of Florida but is conflicted about whether she would attend. Her other top choice is the University of Wisconsin, although the two schools are vastly different.

“One school is in a pure college town with rainy and humid weather, and the other is in one of the coldest cities in the United States,” West said. “I can’t decide which is better for me. I like both, to be honest.”

West admits that Wisconsin will likely be her final choice. She has a gut feeling that this is the right school for her.
Nearing the end of the college process is bittersweet for West.

“It’s so weird to me watching more and more of my friends commit,” West said. “I have known some of these people since kindergarten and it’s not going to be easy to say goodbye.”

West feels fortunate to have a family that has been supportive throughout the past few months. They have been extremely involved in the process but they allow her to form her own opinions on schools.

“I do get a lot of questions about why I would choose to go so far for college, but it doesn’t really change my current preferences because it is my choice in the end,” West said.