The Astrology Club at SPF predicts the future, or does it?


Jamie Frank

Astrology is the study of how the movement of planets and celestial bodies impact individuals’ attitudes, personalities, and moods. 
Many people are wary of the validity of astrology, simply because it is a pseudoscience; pseudosciences are considered scientific theories but have limited evidence or basis in scientific fact. 
Jenna Lee, Artem Aparim and Isabela Segarra are three students from SPF who are fascinated with astrology and decided that SPF could benefit from having its very own astrology club to explore the correlation between the zodiac horoscope, celestial bodies, and their effects on the personalities of humans. 
Monique Gilbert is the teacher advisor for the club and helps the students create activities for the newly established club. 
“I initially was skeptical about the study itself, as I didn’t really get how planets moving around could change the mood that I’m in,” said Aparin, “However, after I did my natal chart and saw how weirdly very accurate everything was (and not just vague broad details, actual specifics), I knew there must be some validity behind it. It immediately got me interested, even furthermore when I saw other people’s reactions to the accuracy of their own natal charts.”
“We are still working on planning activities but we are thinking about volunteering opportunities and obviously within the club meetings we would set up activities to inform people about astrology,” Jenna Lee said.
Astrology is a broad enough topic that it would enable students to participate in a multitude of activities, as long as they have to do with the zodiac signs, of course.
“So far we just have the simple meetings set up, however, when and if we return to school, me and my co-leaders are coming up with activities where people can earn credit if they complete the tasks (Starbucks gift cards, etc..), as well as planning a trip to Spotify headquarters in manhattan for a tour,” said Aparin, “This is due to their astrology sign playlists they released, and we wanted to learn more about how they relate music to each sign. We are also planning on doing charity events, based on each season’s sign and it’s characteristics.”
Students can search up their zodiac signs on Spotify, and there are entire playlists entirely dedicated to each specific zodiac sign. 
The world is becoming more in tune with astrology, and younger generations seem to be excited with the prospect of celestial bodies providing some insight into why humans act the way they do. 
The meetings for the astrology club are held each or every other Monday after school in Room 280 from 2:30-3:10 and welcomes any new members.