Celebrity Deaths and How They Affected the Students of SPF


Caitlin Maughan

In recent years, many celebrities have passed away, deeply affecting the lives of their supporters and followers. Whether it was drugs, accidents, or medical conditions, these celebrities all left a mark on the world. And even from their graves, they continue to inspire their fans every day through their music, shows, movies, and memories.
Cameron Boyce:
Cameron Boyce was a popular Disney Channel star who was loved by Gen Z in his many shows and movies including “Jessie” and “Descendants”.
“His death was extremely shocking to me, I didn’t wanna believe it at all because he was a big part of my childhood; it was as if part of my childhood just disappeared,” junior Samuel Sosnowski said. “It was also hard to read his friend’s and family’s words and posts about him.” 
He died on July 6th, 2019 of a seizure due to an ongoing medical condition called epilepsy. Fans were devastated by this unexpected loss. 
“Cameron Boyce’s death shocked me and my friends a lot because he was a figure that we grew up watching on TV from a young age,” junior Allison Vlkovic said. “It was extremely difficult to know that a person you’ve seen grow up with you on-screen has died.”
Juice WRLD:
Rapper Juice WRLD sang many popular hits such as “Lucid Dreams”, “Robbery”, “Bandit” and more. 
“I was never a huge fan of Juice WRLD but I know a lot of people who had personal connections with his music, which is a very emotional thing,” Vlkovic said. “Music helps people feel and show their emotions and the passing of people’s favorite artists can lead to people feeling depressed.”
He tragically died of a seizure on Dec. 8, 2019 after overdosing at an airport in Chicago. His death was very impactful on many people who adored him.  
Mac Miller:
Mac Miller, another popular rapper, passed away from a drug overdose on Sept. 7, 2018. He performed songs such as “Self Care”, “The Best Day Ever” and “Dang!” and became even more famous when he started dating Ariana Grande. 
“Mac Miller’s death was the hardest celebrity death I ever had to cope with,” Samuel Sosnowski said. “He was and still is one of my favorite artists, and that morning he died I asked my mom to buy tickets for his show coming up and later that day I found out he was dead. Having to accept that he was no longer here was nearly impossible for me to do. When I did accept that I wouldn’t hear him anymore, his producer released a new album by him and I still haven’t been able to listen to it yet.”
Kobe Bryant: 
One of the more recent deaths that is still affecting people all of the worlds is the death of basketball star Kobe Bryant and his daughter. The two died in a tragic helicopter crash in California. 
“As bad as it sounds I cried, just stayed in bed and barely ate,” Hanniyah Khurram said. The following week of his death I barely talked in school, or to my friends. I refused to talk unless needed because I just needed time and space alone for a while.”
Kobe Bryant was many athletes’ inspiration, a player on the Los Angeles Lakers and was both a loving husband and motivational father. He inspired one of his daughters, Gianna, who was also lost in the devastating accident, as she took after her father and was a basketball prodigy.  
“There was this period of time in my life where everything was really hard and falling apart, and Kobe was an inspiration to me in that period of time. Because of him, I learned that I should push through the pain,” Hanniyah Khurram said.