The Coronavirus: affecting SPFHS from afar


Caitlin Maughan

On March 11, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School was closed to students in order to allow teachers to prepare in case school was closed because of the dreaded coronavirus. Today, March 13, SPFHS announced that schools would be closed indefinitely. 
“With the state calling it a national emergency, I think it’s a threat to any institution or any organization that put a lot of people under one roof. People interact with one another and is definitely a serious threat that is being taken seriously,” SPFHS principal Dr. Heisey said. 
Many school events have been canceled including Senior Citizens day, Project Pride, the Fanscotian and Yearbook field trip to Columbia University, a choir festival for Select Choir, DECA’s field trip to Nashville, possibly FBLA’s field trip to Atlantic City, various trips to New York and possibly more. 
“I think that the coronavirus is starting to get pretty serious since some schools are closing down nearby us. Also, most necessities such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper are gone from stores,” sophomore Sara Pham said. 
Before school was scheduled to close down indefinitely, Dr. Heisey was preparing to make a difficult decision. 
“I think that [school closing down] is pretty likely. I don’t know if it will be ten days, less, or more. But I think the likelihood is great,” Dr. Heisey said. 
There are a few ways to prevent the coronavirus including washing hands, keeping a safe distance from other students, using hand sanitizer, cleaning up the cafeteria tables after lunch, and cleaning phones and computers daily. 
“I think we are all so fully aware of [the coronavirus’] presence and the fact that it’s so contagious that we are probably practicing our personal hygiene and washing our hands more so than ever before, which is a good thing,” Dr. Heisey said.
SPFHS even installed hand sanitizer pumps around the school so that students can quickly disinfect their hands between classes. 
“I don’t know anyone who has the virus personally but many of my friends and family are scared to leave the house or go places because of the virus,” Pham said.