Beyond School Explorers has come to an end

Alicia Goff

Beyond School Explorers, also known to the students and staff of School One as BSE, came to an end after three weeks of participating in optional classes teaching the students skills and new hobbies.
BSE began on Jan. 31 and lasted until Feb. 28. Unfortunately, instead of four weeks as intended, the program turned out to be three weeks due to the cancelation of its Friday, March 7 session because of the number of absences due to sickness at the school.
Some classes the program offered were: Sew Much Fun, Fun with Cupcakes, Jr. Boot Camp and many more. Before the program begins, the organizers ask parents, high school students and middle school students to volunteer to teach or help out in classes.
“I like BSE because I get to do what I like with my friends,” third-grader Tiana Goff said.