New “Girl Up” club invites students to advocate for women


Julia Sassoon

The new “Girl Up” club held their first interest meeting after school on Wednesday, Feb. 26. The adviser of the club is history teacher Erin Sassaman, along with sophomore student advisers Alexa Gingold and Jamie Weinberg. 

“Students should join the club because it gives girls the resources to start a movement for social change wherever they are,” Weinberg said. “It allows girls to learn about world issues, take action, build leadership skills and make a difference.

The purpose of the club is to attract individuals who would like to advocate for women and girls on issues such as education, job access, domestic violence and reproductive rights. The club is a subsidiary of the United Nations Girl Up organization. 

“Anyone [is invited to join the club],” Sassaman said. “Despite the name, I don’t necessarily think this has to be exclusive membership to females, as males can advocate for women’s equality as well.”

The group plans to participate in larger events such as walkathons in the spring, as well as smaller events such as hosting guest speakers, doing fundraisers and other smaller promotions.

“I think by getting students involved in advocating for issues of equality by doing even small things such as writing to legislators, organizing fundraising, and spearheading donation campaigns not only benefits those who are on the receiving end of those activities but also allows those involved in them to develop skills to use another endeavors,” Sassaman said.

In the future, the club will meet once or twice a month on Wednesdays in room 242.