Moonglowers: the pride of SPF


Caitlin Maughan

The Moonglowers is a jazz band for Scotch Plains Fanwood high school students directed by Mr. Durand Thomas. The Moonglowers have been state champions for many years and did amazing at their recent concert on Friday.
Moonglowers is a very serious commitment and requires a lot of skill. The students will audition in June or the beginning of the school year and the class is worth 2 credits. Overall, despite the dedication that is required, the members greatly enjoy it. 
Amelia Collins plays trombone in Moonglowers, which is a low instrument in the brass section. Her favorite aspect of Moonglowers is the dedication and passion of her fellow musicians. 
“Moon is the top jazz band in the school, and usually the state. It’s an incredible opportunity for anyone to join, so when the chance came for me to audition, I took it,” Amelia said. 
The local school band is so popular that it hosted a Moonglowers Jazz Festival two years ago in late March. Their success has only grown over the years and they are doing better than ever. 
Sofia Corsaro, a sophomore at SPF high school, went to the Moonglower’s recent performance on Friday. She loved their set of songs and overall production. 
“It was just really beautiful and touching. I am so excited to see them perform again in the future. I don’t know too much about music, but I know that they did a great job. I felt like I was in a movie with dramatic music that followed me throughout the story,” Sofia Corsaro said. 
Overall, the Moonglowers did a great job at their first concert to start the season off on Friday.