Androids vs. iPhones: Which is better?


Gabby Lancaster

Androids vs. iPhones has been a long-lasting debate ever since their releases.  Although the phones may look similar or have similar features, they do have some notable differences.
Lots of people prefer the iPhone due to its status.  It’s a more popular, common phone and is favored by the majority of people. With constant new system updates, as well as new phones, iPhones have a lot of options.  There’s a variety of colors to choose from and different sizes as well.  
Also, iPhones feature a pretty simple, but an effective camera.  It’s easy to use but photos come out looking professional, especially with “portrait mode.”  Portrait mode uses the iPhone’s dual cameras to single out a specific person and blur the background.  iPhones popularized this technology and photography fanatics are able to utilize this portable tool when needed.  
“I really love the iPhone camera because although I love photography, I don’t know anything about it and the iPhone camera is really easy to use and creates high-quality pictures,” senior Madi Slifer said.
Although iPhones have consistently good cameras, some Android phones have equally amazing cameras.  However, other versions do not. Android phones have an easy-to-use, organized system to store photos.  Google photos is a software that automatically organizes your photos by date, place, or person-making it quick to locate photos whenever.   
Android phones also have cool features like translating languages in an instant or captioning media playing on your phone.  But Androids are also very secure to prevent any private information from being hacked or stolen. Google Play Protect is like a 24-hour security guard and constantly scans apps and updates your phone to protect it.  
Both Androids and iPhones have amazing features and safety systems, so at the end of the day, it’s a personal preference.  Whether you like Apple or Google is up to you, but both phones perform well and are consistent with their updates.