Top Ten New Year's Resolution for 2020

Charlotte Pollack

Top 10 Resolutions for the New Years
Every year the world counts down the last ten seconds of the year. In doing this, many feel that they are going to use this new cycle around the sun to better themselves and their lifestyle. Year after year everyone hears about their friends and families resolutions in January. After asking many students at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, here are some of the resolutions students plan to complete this year and could possibly inspire others to create resolutions personalized to themselves and their personal goals:
”Be on time for things”
”Drink more water”
”Focus more on loving myself, stop procrastinating homework and projects.”
”Work out more and learn ASL (American Sign Language)”
”I want to work harder in school, sports, and getting stronger. Also to be nicer.”
”To be more true to myself”
”Work out more and be healthier”
”I want to be less of a procrastinator with school work because of the limited time that I have to get things done”
”Eat healthy and start a new hobby”
”Spend more time with my family”